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Accounts Receivables Online Course

Accounts Receivable (AR) professionals are responsible for providing financial, administrative and accounting services in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations. AR professionals perform day to day processing of financial transactions to ensure that company finances are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner, and manage payroll functions.

Accounts Receivable is a course that provides a comprehensive overview of the AR function. We will review topics such as credit, billing, cash, collections, and customer service.

Course Outcome

After completing Accounts Receivables (AR), students will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:

  • What are AR professionals roles and responsibilities
  • How to manage the credit approval process
  • How to bill customers
  • How to collect money
  • How to implement quality customer service
  • How to implement proper internal controls
  • How to handle deduction issues
  • How to deal with bankruptcy
  • How to deal with legal considerations

A basic understanding of mathematics is required.

Students will be assigned 5 homework assignments, and a final project for each course.

  1. Order Processing
  2. Credit Management
  3. Billing
  4. Cash Receipt, Cash Application
  5. Collections
  6. Internal Controls
  7. Accounting, Records & Regulation

This course is Instructor-led and delivered through our award-winning online Learning Management System