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Project Management Professional Online Course

“Project Management” is a course that covers the fundamentals of managing projects with the newcomer in mind. Project management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time, and cost constraints.

This course assumes students have no prior knowledge about project management, and delivers lessons and examples to build management skills. We review the examination of the identification, selection, and planning of projects. Specific topics include: organization structure, project selection and scope definition, project team selection and development, work breakdown structures and statements of work, project scheduling, and budgeting, resource allocation, risk management planning, and project controlling.

Students who are preparing for the PMI (Project Management Institute) Certification (PMP or CAPM) can also use this course to prep for the exam.

Course Outcome

After completing Project Management Professional, students will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:

  • Provide students with a basic understanding of project management principles and practices.
  • Increase the student’s ability to function effectively on a project team.
  • Use of contemporary techniques and technology for project management.
  • Examination of successful business projects, especially the role of project planning and management
  • Help prepare the student for the PMP Examination.

This course is designed for students who want to get started with investment real estate, or who want to acquire knowledge regarding property management. Seasoned real estate professionals who are pursuing additional professional development may want to take this course.

Students will be assigned 5 homework assignments, and a final project for each course.

Module 1: Chapter 1- Introduction

Module 1 provides an introduction to property management. We define the various types of investment rental properties, landlord basics, how to select a property, and whether to self manage or hire a property manager.

Module 2: Chapter 2- Financial Aspects

Module 2 covers the financial aspects of managing properties. We review how to invest in prospective properties, how to set the rental price, insurance, deposits, and other pertinent fees.

Module 3: Chapter 3- Legal Aspects

Module 3 reviews the legal aspects involved in managing properties. Particularly LLC formulation, Fair Housing Act, lease agreements, landlord/tenant rights, and evictions.

Module 4: Chapter 4- Marketing

Module 4 teaches the importance of effective marketing and advertising. We review successful techniques- web, print advertising, fliers, Open House, and other methods

Module 5: Chapter 5- Government Programs

Module 5 reviews the various government subsidy programs that can be used for rental properties. We cover government’s role, the Section 8 or Voucher programs, income requirements, and how to market to program participants.

Module 6: Chapter 6- Tenant / Landlord Relationship

Module 6 teaches aspects and importance of the tenant / landlord relationship. We review tenant selection, property inspection, move in, handling maintenance and service, dispute, and move out.

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